Christmas & A Dayspring Review

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope this post finds you well and happily enjoying the season of our Lords birth! I know it has been a while since I have posted… but this pregnancy has been a bit harder than I thought. Those who say they never felt better when preggo should never tell me that again. 😉 I have been having constant morning sickness for weeks now. I am ready for a break.

One glimmer of holiday fun came recently when I got a box from Dayspring! I love Dayspring and they always have something beautiful for my home! This year they asked me to review their Redeemed Collection Tree Skirt. I love that the tree skirt has the words: No Greater Love than Jesus” on one side and is a fun pattern on the other side. Its on sale today for $19.99, its regular price is $39.99.

With the picture above I show both the words and the other pattern on the reverse side of the tree skirt.  I think with the tight economic times, the troubled last few weeks we have had with shootings and loss of life as well as the personal hardships and trials myself and friends are battling right now it is so important to remember the reason for Christmas is the birth of our Savior and that his love for us cannot be comprehended!

I hope you and your loved one have a wonderful holiday and that you take a moment to stop and remember that there truly is No Greater Love Than Jesus.

It’s a….


It's a boy!

We found out we are having a boy… he was pretty shy and didn’t let the ultrasound tech get all the measurements of some vital organs, so we have to return and get him rechecked at our next appointment. The doctor said that there was nothing to be concerned about, but I am seeing a common trend. He is quite stubborn – like both his parents. 😉
So far everything with my health has been going well. I have had to adjust my thyroid medication and am having morning all day sickness well past the typical first trimester, however there have not been signs of any major health concerns to date!

Fertility and Weight Loss

After my misdiagnosis and unnecessary Gall Bladder & Appendix surgeries in 2011 we discovered I had PCOS. My doctor basically told me to stop trying to lose weight because it was a battle I couldn’t win with my PCOS and my thyroid conditions, she also told me that the chances of us being able to start a family were pretty slim.  She suggested that we take a couple of approaches.

One would be to be on birth control and work like crazy to lose weight to try to lessen the severity of my symptoms and come back in a few years to do fertility treatments.  Her second choice was immediate fertility treatment that would just “force” my body to conceive.

We decided we didn’t like our options, so I started doing some research. I quickly found out how little I knew about PCOS and how it affected the body.  I was just basing everything off what the doctor had told me and quickly realized there was so much more I could do.

One of my friends from church wrote about her pregnancy journey on her blog and included a link to a book about fertility. I decided to buy Taking Charge of Your Fertility and read it for myself. I learned so much more about PCOS and my body from that book than I learned from multiple appointments with a Ob/Gyn. I started making some changes that were recommended in the book and other things I researched.

I added working out at a high intensity daily to my priorities, I started eating a much cleaner diet. I limited my grain consumption. I started drinking this tea – every day. I started charting my basal body temperature at the Taking Charge of Your Fertility website.
I was able to stop taking my medication for high blood pressure through these steps.

I quickly discovered that without any medical intervention I was not ovulating regularly. I would have “monthly” cycles that ranged from 90 to 120 days. As I followed the natural advice of the book and the websites I was researching I was able to bring my body back to a normal rhythm – not a perfect 28 day cycle – but a consistent 35 to 40 day cycle with regular ovulation. On my third “normal” cycle we found out we were expecting. It was so exciting and scary at the same time. I hadn’t lost more than 20 pounds, I still have thyroid issues, I had only been off my blood pressure medication for a few months… there was so much uncertainty. I was so afraid to share our exciting news because I did not trust that my body could handle a pregnancy on top of everything else.
I still have that fear at 22 weeks, however the fear is receding and I am enjoying feeling this little life inside me kick and punch and twist and turn, realizing that ultimately it is God, not I, who controls the outcome of this pregnancy and my life.

It’s a Journey

Life is a journey and the right time for certain things never seems to come… sometimes the right time comes and goes leaving me with my shattered “perfect plan”. My journey to a healthy weight has been like this, our journey to start a family has been like this and many other dreams and goals have had a similar outcome.

Even before I was married, I kinda had a plan: graduate from college, have a fabulous career, be financially stable, get married, have a family… and somehow life happens and interrupts all those perfect plans. If you know me or have read my blog for any length of time you know I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I had times of great success in maintaining a healthy weight and times of, uh, not so great success. I have had my challenges physically and emotionally. Thyroid disease,  heartbreaks, financial failures, food allergies, unnecessary surgeries and misdiagnosis, PCOS and now morning (all day sickness).

While I am obviously not trying to lose weight while pregnant, I still have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to eat healthy foods, exercise and feel like I am doing everything I can to take care of myself and this little life I am carrying. Unfortunately I am not doing a great job at this. I grab too much fast food, eat too many carbs and can’t remember the last time I went to the YMCA. I blame it on the constant morning sickness and the heartburn, the fatigue, the busyness of life, but really I have not been intentional about my choices.

How about you? How are you doing?


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